Who we work with

In our investment clubs, we bring together Nordic institutional investors, corporates, banks, family offices and HNWIs in cost-effective partnerships for collaborative investing. 

We facilitate these partnerships between our investors and attractive fund managers, providing an FSA-regulated collaboration model that includes portfolio management, risk management, compliance oversight, valuation and reporting as well as aggregation of ESG requirements.

Members of our investment clubs obtain favorable discounts, preferential co-investment rights as well as stronger governance and enhanced influence on ESG priorities. And they maintain the benefits of direct fund investing.

What we offer

  • Our institutional investor clubs offer a flexible, tailored and cost-efficient collaborative approach to alternative investments
  • Our private equity programs for private investors offer investment opportunities and returns typically exclusive to institutional investors

What we invest in

  • Global infrastructure
  • Mid-market private equity buy-out
  • Credit
  • Real estate
"Advantage was founded upon the idea that more investor-favorable models are achievable"
— Founder and CEO
Anders Dalhoff

Our strategy is to invest where a change in ownership can make a real difference

Repeatable value creation. We work with partners that pursue operational and strategic value creation based on clear and repeatable levers rather than financial/tax engineering alone or timing of short-term market dislocations.

Control investments. We prefer strategies that rely on control of the companies and assets acquired, as it allows the managers to directly influence the decision making and value creation in the portfolio companies and assets.

Time-tested strategies and teams. We back experienced teams pursuing proven strategies that have been succesfully applied across market and economic cycles.

The advantages that our model provides to our partners and community of investors

  • Portfolio managers can enhance value creation for its pension members measured in better net returns resulting from lower costs 

  • Portfolio fund managers are also better positioned to impose stronger governance mechanisms and enhance ESG priorities 

  • For private investors, attractive investment opportunities previously reserved for large institutionals become accessible

  • Portfolio fund managers achieve reduced costs and complexity as our club structure offers one aggregated solution

By the numbers
We currently manage commitments of
billion USD
Our PE fund managers have created average net returns of
per cent annually across funds and vintages
We have a community of
Nordic investors
In our clubs, we currently manage
alternative investment funds

Key information documents

Key information documents (KID) for packaged retail and insurance-based investment products (PRIIPs) as well as Investor Disclosure Documents (including pre-contractual disclosures for Article 8 funds) can be accessed upon completion of a semi-professional investor declaration. Current investors can find the documents in the data room. Potential investors can complete the form here to request the documents.